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Elder & Sister Smith
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Elder Domenick Casper

Elder Domenick Casper
Elder Casper With Elder & Sister Morgan (July 2012-July 2015)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Referrals and Miracles are brought to pass!

Hello everyone, this week has been crazy and there has been a lot of
things going on.

Thursday we had coordination meeting with Michael as usual and Elder
Nalaza cooked him fried chicken and chili and he was dying because he
told us he could feel his heart crying in a joking way. It was funny
to watch him eat that fried chicken, we were all cracking up randomly.
Then we were doing weekly planning and we get this phone from this
lady named Ines Griffin (pronounced eye-nes). She went to
and requested a Book of Mormon and wanted it delivered as soon as
possible. Somehow she got our number and called us and wanted the book
quicker so we told her we could drop it off in like 20 minutes, she
was way excited. It turns out her mom was a member in Puerto Rico and
she passed away recently and Ines wanted to know what her mom
believed. She has an old school Spanish Book of Mormon from her mom.
She is pretty interested. The coolest part is she had a dream where
she walked into this random building and asked what church this was. A
random guy said its the Mormon church. And the pope was sitting there
and he gave Ines some papers. So Ines then requested a Book of Mormon.
She took the dream as she needs to learn more about our church. We
went to Baychester and saw a less active member and after that we were
freezing outside and we passed by one of our recent converts apartment
building. His name is Dalton and we called him and asked him if we
could warm up in his apartment and he fed us beef liver and rice. It
was so good and we are so grateful for him and all he does for us
missionaries. He loves us.

Friday we went to go drop off a bible to a referral named Lenford
Dell, he is a seventh day Adventist and we gave him a Book of Mormon,
the only problem is he is pretty blind so we are gonna bring him a
huge copy of both. He is very nice and very open to learning more. The
spirit was strong after that. Afterwards we headed to another one of
our investigators named Gabriel. We have been trying to help him feel
the atonement in his life and help him to know that he can in deed be
forgiven because of Jesus Christ and all he has done for us. Because
he suffered for our sins and he did it alone so we don't have to
suffer by ourselves. It was a good lesson with him and he's really
awesome and he trusts us so much to tell us personal things that have
went on in his life. We taught Donna and Juan the Law of Chastity and
about keeping the Ten Commandments. They are so solid, I love them so

Saturday we went to our member sister Ramdhon for lunch, 10:45-1:15,
she starts cooking as soon as we walk into the door. We brought Elder
Newbold and Elder Davis to come be a 3rd and 4th male. She always
makes chicken curry and I want to learn how to make chicken curry,
just curry in general. The food was amazing and sister Ramdhon is
awesome. We love her so much. She gave us all the food and we bring
the food to the church so the other missionaries can eat it. Elder
Nalaza threw up a ton afterwards and we ended up spending the rest of
the night inside because he wasn't feeling well. It has been a bit of
a burden at times because I just want to do work but I have to help
and serve my companion. We had a pretty huge day planned too but
that's fine.

Sunday Elder Nalaza and I didn't speak to each other for some reason
but church was good. Donna and Juan came and Juan had to leave after
Sacrament but Donna stayed for all 3 hours and we heard that when she
introduced herself in Relief Society, she said "I'm Donna and I'm
getting baptized on March 13th" it's so awesome! She is prepared and
she loves the church now and has always had questions that were able
to be answered by us. They just love everything we teach them. We
spent the whole night in Co-Op city which is fancy apartment buildings
that are divided into 3 sections. It's pretty fantastic and it was so

Monday we still weren't talking for some reason. We were silent and
when we had to speak to each other we did but we never had
conversations. We saw a few of our people. Oh district meeting was
pretty legit, it was all about the Doctrine of Christ and how we need
to apply that into our lives and allow our investigators to partake of
the power of the atonement and repentance. We can all repent and be
better. Exercise faith, repent, be baptized/ partake of the sacrament
weekly, receive the Holy Ghost. It's such a wonderful gift our
Heavenly Father has given us.

Tuesday Elder Nalaza and I finally spoke to each other and resolved
the issue. He thought that I was mad at him and I thought he was mad
at me. It was a big mis understanding. I don't know why we didn't talk
it out sooner but you learn as you go. He has made a decision to go
home. He texted President Smith asking if he could be reassigned to a
Philippines mission or just go home because he has depression. We
didn't do anything all day until we went and saw Donna, Juan and
Anthony. We were literally sitting in the apartment, I was doing a lot
of studies but Elder Nalaza didn't want to do anything. His mom
supports his decision. President Smith emailed me asking how Elder
Nalaza is doing and I told him everything. We don't know what will
happen but we will see soon. I love him and I don't want him to go
home but he may need to. He doesn't have a strong desire to work right
now. President Smith will deal with it. Donna made a cake for Elder
Nalazas birthday and it was chocolate. It was probably one of the best
cakes I've ever eaten ever in my life. They are such a wonderful
family. Juan has had problems with coffee. He had cut down from 5 cups
a day to 2 cups. Slowly but surely he is quitting. We love them so
much. I need to get a picture with their family soon and then one at
their baptism! I love what is happening in our area and what our
Heavenly Father is blessing us with. It's been awesome.

That's our crazy week and tonight is trainer calls! We will see what
happens there. I'll let you know next week. I love you guys and thank
you for all you do for me! Thanks for all your love and support. I
miss you all!

Elder Domenick Casper

Friday, February 19, 2016

Valentine's Day and Miracles!


My week has been great and you're right it has been so cold, with
windchill it's been negative and we have been out doing work and
people probably think we are crazy. I'm trying to stay warm but it's
been so cold!
Our investigators are doing really well, I'll be talking a lot about
that in my weekly email. My companion is doing good, randomly he
doesn't feel good and that's when we will spend the rest of the day
inside. It gives me a great opportunity to do some more studies,
that's for sure. Valentine's Day was fun, as a missionary you forget
that there is such things as holidays other than Christmas and
Mother's Day. I did get your package and the kitkats were good, and I
love peanut butter m&ms! Thanks for the Emergencee packets. It's nice
to have the vitamin C haha.

It's great to have those random broadcasts that are very spiritually
uplifting and very relaxing.

Elder Casper

Hello to everyone back home! I miss you all and hope you are having a
great time!

Last Wednesday we had dinner with our investigators, Donna, Juan and
Anthony. They fed us authentic Italian lasagna and sausages, meatballs
and some ribs with extra tomato sauce with some of the rib meat in
it.. Oh and garlic bread. We love them so much and they fed us yummy
food and they love us so much. Donna asked us if she moved would she
still see us and we told her that she wouldn't see us but she would
see other missionaries. She was bummed but we told her that we want
her to be converted to the gospel not to us missionaries because one
day we will leave, sadly. We taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ
and we read 2 Nephi 31 with them to start it out and they really
enjoyed it. We explained it to them and taught them the doctrine of
Christ. Juan is really excited about his baptism and they could feel
the spirit so strong. We love them so much and we know that they are
being prepared and they are reading and praying. Donna made peach cake
for us as well and it was delicious!

Thursday we had our Coordination meeting with Michael as usual and we
talked a lot about our investigators and so did all the other
missionaries. Michael is great and we had a great time. Elder Nalaza
had a Sonogram afterwards and then had to meet with the Doctor
afterwards. We went home and ate some food. Then we went to see Sister
Archivald who is a lady in a care center and we brought her the
sacrament. I feel so bad for her because she can really only say a
couple words like okay, right, yeah and little stuff like that. It's
very tough for her but it's also great to see her and brighten her
day. We saw another one of our eternigators (Investigator for
eternity) and then headed home because elder Nalaza wasn't feeling
good. He rested and I cleaned and ate and studied a bit.

Friday we coordinated with the other missionaries and cleaned up our
ward list a bit and are going through and finding the less actives and
figuring out who is so we can visit them.  It was awesome and very
productive, it was also my 15 month mark. One of the sister
missionaries in our district came up to me, her name is sister
Garnder and she said happy 15 months. I've been out for a while but I
still have time. Then we split with some Elders in our district. I
went with Elder Newbold into his area so I was in the south Bronx,
which is way fun. Elder Newbold is from Sacramento! Yes a fellow
Californian and it was cool to know that he knew some people from
Lincoln and Loomis, no one I knew. We had some yum yum cross Bronx
pizza which is a huge piece of pizza that is bigger than my head..
Yeah. We went to drop my bag for the split off at their apartment and
then went to go see a member, Brother Ford. Elder Newbold and I had a
goal to be as awkward as possible and to go up to anyone and everyone
and offer them a card or talk to them. It was super fun. We pull out a
card and the next person we would see we would offer a card. Some
people said no and we would be standing there for a couple seconds
with our hand out holding a card. A lot of people took the cards. We
did a couple look ups after and went and ate dinner. Then went to do a
few referral look ups and we were talking to everyone and giving book
of Mormons out and talking to them about it. The spirit was so strong
and we met this guy named Sal who asked us a lot of questions and was
pretty interested. It was cool. We were originally looking for a girl
and I kept forgetting her name so we were asking everyone for her name
and at this door I asked "We are looking for.. What's her name again?(
I asked elder Newbold)" we were cracking up and having a good ole
time. He is a funny guy. We were just doing whatever we felt prompted
to do. It was a good split and we ended the night by helping their
roommates. They were on a split too and they wanted us to go home and
grab his bag with his clothes in it and meet him at a subway station
to give it to them. We almost missed the train after we caught up to
them. They got on and we were talking to them and they told us to get
on.. We were spacing it. It was a great night. It felt good to sleep
that night because I felt like I had accomplished something great.

Saturday there was a Baptism of Sheikara Gray, someone that the
sisters were meeting with and she got baptized! It was awesome! We
then unsplitted and went home and ate and then I had to go do a
baptisimal interview for someone that the other elders that we just
split with, are teaching. Her name is Aida she passed the interview
but it turns out she wasn't married to the guy she was living with,
the Elders found out that afterwards. We set up all the chairs at
church because we don't have the chairs like normal chapels have. It's
a gym/chapel. With dividers and stuff. Elder Nalaza wasn't feeling too
hot after wards so we did some of our planning and the night was over.

Sunday we went to ward council and our Bishop is a boss. This ward is
a little dis functional so he is really trying to help the ward be
more functional. Church was good! Donna, Anthony and Juan came to
church! Donna came over to us right before sacrament meeting started
and told us that she received her answer, that she wants to be
baptized! She said she was sitting on her computer listening to and a thought came to her that she needed to be baptized. They
loved church but they couldn't stay for 3rd hour but they loved it.
They were able to keep the gospel principles book to. It was so cold,
we did bring the sacrament to a lady in a care center as well. Then
did some planning at home. Donna texted us and wanted to know the
soonest that she could be baptized. She is being baptized on March
13th with Juan!

Monday we had district meeting! Yay! We talked about the doctrine of
Christ and some great comments were brought up. The doctrine of Christ
is our purpose as missionaries. We bring people to that knowledge of
Christ and help them to progress in the gospel. It is such a blessing
to see people change because of the gospel. We went home and
Elder Nalaza cooked some good soup to put on rice. I've eaten more rice
since I've been with Elder Nalaza than I have in my whole life. We saw
Donna and Anthony! She went and told a member up in the Poughkeepsie
ward that she was being baptized on March 13th and she wanted him to
baptize her. She is excited about her baptism, and she wants to be
perfect for it but we told her that we will prepare her and all she
has to do is do what we ask and strive to learn more. She read about
baptism in the gospel principles book. She is so prepared and she
loves learning! We found out that Juan has been reading the Book of
Mormon for over a year before he met with us. That's why he wanted to
be baptized so quickly. The book has changed his life as well. He got
a copy from a guy who passed away. Juan is part of patrol and they got
all of his stuff out of the guys apartment and there he found a Book
of Mormon. How awesome is that?! It was snowing all day and then
turned to freezing rain and then to just normal rain to wash away all
the snow that came down. Wearing glasses and having snow or rain is

Tuesday we went to the church and got some bibles to do some look ups
later in the day. And headed to this store called Chang Li's so Elder
Nalaza could buy a ton of food for tomorrow. So apparently in the
Philippines, when it's your birthday, you feed everyone, not the other
way around. It's bizarre to me but what do I know? I'm American haha.
Elder Nalaza got sick too so we spent the rest of the day inside. I
cleaned our entire apartment and was reading the teachings from the
presidents of the church book. The Joseph Smith one and I read 100
pages. At least I was learning something. It is tough to have plans
and then for those plans to go down the drain. We can't do anything
about it, the doctors can but all we can do is suffer through it. I
want to go to work and see miracles. One day we will be able to.

So I have been studying a lot in the Book of Mormon and I'm in Alma
right now. I've noticed that all the prophecies of Christ right now
are all before Christ has even been born yet. It's awesome that they
have that knowledge and have a testimony. Preach my gospel is awesome
too. I studied some cool things and been able to see my understanding
grow. It's cool how revelation works when reading. I just realized
that Christ is the only name under heaven where we can be saved. We do
everything in the name of Jesus Christ. Pray, bless the sacrament,
give blessings, it's just so mind blowing. I've also been reading in
the keep the sabbath day holy section and it's important that we enter
into a spirit of worship, thanksgiving, service and family centered
activities. I can't wait to do activities with you guys when I get
home so we can keep the sabbath day holy. I'm learning so much on my
mission and I have such a strong testimony of this gospel that I never
want to lose, so I will keep reading, praying and going to church and
keep the commandments. So many blessings are in store for those who
obey Christs gospel. I love you so much, hope you have a wonderful
week! Talk to you later!

Elder Casper

1. Brother Ford kisses all the missionaries on the cheek if we ask for
a picture.
2. Cross Bronx Pizza.. Told you!
3. Want to see a dope picture? Hahaah get it? Dope as in the drug.
4. Even though we are eating deep fried pork chops, I still have my vegetables.
5. A valentines kiss for each of you.
6. My shoe prints in snow.
7. Thanks mom and dad! Love you!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Zone Conference and More Snow

Hello everyone,
The work in the Bronx is
on fire, people want this gospel.

So Wednesday we gave a church tour to Donna and Juan, and we had a
couple members come and help with that. They really love our church
and they feel the love of our members and the home feeling our church
provides. Elder Nalaza cooked food and provided a Filipino meal for us
all and we taught the restoration with our members. Brother and Sister
Salinas are awesome and having them there was incredible. We were
teaching about the Book of Mormon and sister Salinas talks about how
the Bible and the Book of Mormon goes hand in hand and then Donna
starts crying which is awesome! It's not awesome that she was crying
but because she didn't know why she was crying. The spirit was there
for sure and Juan accepted the baptismal date of March 13th, Donna
doesn't know yet but I know that the spirit testified to what we are
saying is true. Juan has already been reading in the Book of Mormon,
he was up to 1 Nephi 6 by then and he was telling us all the things
that have happened. He has been glued to the book. Donna has been
reading as well! They said that they would be able to go to church too
and they are excited. We met with our recent convert Dalton afterward.
The whole night we were super over joyed and hyped because we are so
excited for Juan!

Thursday we had our coordination meeting with our ward mission leader
and he has a lot of good ideas for our investigators. There is 8
missionaries in our ward and he wants us to have a lot of trust from
the Ward. He talked to us about charity and how we need to have the
pure love of Christ and love everyone in our area and our mission.
When our investigators feel the love we have for them, they will trust
us. It was super spiritual. Our ward mission leader drove us home and
we ate and then went to Urgent Care for Elder Nalaza. They recommended
something for Elder Nalaza to do and some appointments that he needs.
We brought the sacrament to a lady in a nursing home who can't speak
other than write, yes and no and random noises to get our attention.
We brought her the sacrament and shared what we learned in church. We
also have an investigator there who can't make it to church but he
really loves our church. He will learn more in the next life, we love
him though! We had dinner then went to Co-op city which is an area of
the Bronx with a ton of nice building with 30+ floors. We went to see
some members named Nina and Clifford but they weren't there but our
member was. Brother Danquah who is the 1st Counsellor in the
Bishopric. We talked about fellowshipping investigators and it was a
super spiritual message.

Friday we had weekly planning and we met with this guy named Gabriel.
The Hermanas in our zone happened to accidentally find Gabriel because
they were looking up one of their investigators and they were on the
wrong street and knocked his door. We met with him and taught him the
restoration. He has had a lot of struggle in his life and he used to
live in San Fransisco and even Sacramento for a little. He eventually
moved back to the Bronx. We invited him to church on Sunday. We
planned the rest of the night and elder Nalaza wasn't feeling good.

Saturday we had lunch with a member named sister Ramdhon and we had a
couple of our youth come with us so we had a 3rd male. We got there
and she hasn't even started cooking yet so we helped make the food and
the food is spicy and I love it. We talked about how we need to try to
keep the sabbath day holy. The church released a new Mormon message
called the sabbath is a delight. Check it out. I had to do a
Baptisimal interview for one of the sisters investigators as well.
Elder Nalaza wasn't feeling well the rest of the night.

Sunday I woke up and I was so excited because Donna and Juan were
coming to church. We got to church half an hour early and we were
helping set up and stuff and right before church started we got a text
from Donna letting us know that she couldn't come to church because
she hurt her back and Juan didn't come either but right as sacrament
meeting started Gabriel walks in and sits down next to elder Nalaza
because I am blessing the sacrament. He could only stay for sacrament
meeting but the testimonies that were shared were about how this is
the true church and the atonement is real and how we can be cleansed
from our sins. It was so nice, church was really good though. Elder
Nalaza wasn't feeling good the rest of the day after Church so I just

Monday we had our zone meeting and I was thinking how cool it would be
if the Assistants came to our meeting and they walk in. That was super
cool. It was about the love for our investigators, and the importance
of spirit in being a missionary, also the importance of members in
this work and how we need to contact our referrals because they are a
sacred responsibility. We had to go to Harlem to practice singing for
zone conference. We had to practice because I have been given much. It
was awesome. Then we got a pioneer sandwich which brought back
memories of when I was in Harlem over a year ago. We came back and got
a quick hair cut from our ward mission leader and showered back home
and went to see Donna, Juan and Anthony. They have been reading a lot
and they love what they read. We taught them the plan of salvation and
they really liked it. Juan is still really excited to be baptized.
They were so apologetic because they missed church but they promised
that they will be at church this Sunday. The spirit was so strong and
Donna was crying again, which is awesome! The spirit is testifying to
them that this is true. They are feeding us tonight! I love them so
much and I know that God has placed them in our path and that they are
prepared. Donna said the most sincere prayer asking if she should be
baptized and her son. I love it!

Tuesday we had zone conference.. There is so much that I want to write
about. I'll put some quotes from president ... I believe in the next life,
we will be able to see those lives that are changed that we helped.
The Lord is Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father is who we pray to. The Lord
has called us to the New York New York north mission in this specific
area with our specific companion. What things are we tracking so we
can see our improvement. If we don't know what we have done, we don't
know where we are going. Let your prayer be as much pause as it is
talking. Repeat back what I am told. If this was the last day of my
mission, how would you act today? We renew our covenants. All the
covenants we have made. Ponder the sacramental prayers. Take time to

He was talking about being a fellowshipper for a 50 year old guy, and
he was like William could be a fellowshipper, he is 12. We need
friendshippers with our investigators and we need to earn the trust of
the ward so they can help us in any way we need. Be on top of our game
and send the ward council a list of people we will talk about during
ward council. The spirit was so strong. Also a testimony is 45-90
seconds. It's short not a story. I was touched by what we learned at
zone conference. The spirit was so strong

Open up to 2 Nephi 31 and read it. I noticed something that I've never
noticed before. Nephi is receiving revelation about the doctrine of
Christ. "11 And the Father said", "12 And also, the voice of the Son"
it's my first time noticing that the father and the son are both
talking to him. That just strengthened my testimony of the godhead and
how God and Christ and district SEPERATE beings. I shared that when
president asked who is speaking with Nephi. I've been reading it all
week. I love the Book of Mormon and I know it is true, it brings me so
much happiness! It can bring that to you too.

Elder Casper

1. Elder Nalaza and I
2. The Olmstead Zone
3. A selfie in front of a picture in our lobby.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Miracles in the Bronx

Kamusta po kayong lahat!? Isa nanamang magandang linggo at maraming
himalang naganap.


Hi how's everyone! What a wonderful week and many miraculous things happened!

We are teaching this family, Donna, Anthony and Juan and they are
progressing well, and we are finding a lot of other people. 8
missionaries in our ward. It's a good ward!

The weather is nice here, all the snow that was here is now melted,
it's been really warm lately. Our area is pretty huge, a little too
huge just for us, we need another set of Elders.

I am so grateful to have a Filipino companion, he started my email in
Tagalog and he has been teaching me how to speak it. This week has
been killer and I'll talk about it more!

Thursday I finally met our ward mission leader at our coordination
meeting. He is super funny and he has a rule for baptisms. Us
missionaries cannot perform the baptism or confirmation, it has to be
the members. It's all for fellow shipping and helping the new converts
be connected to the ward. I read a quote from preach my gospel
"Nothing happens in missionary work until you find someone to teach."
And I really love that quote. It's so true, we need to find people to
teach before we can baptize.

Friday we had weekly planning and Elder Nalaza hasn't been feeling
well. He may have to go home because of how bad his issue is. His
stomach doesn't like a lot of the food he eats, he will randomly throw
up and he has been pretty sick throughout the week. We rested until we
had to go help with scouts. It was fun helping the ward with scouts.
We do it every other week for like an hour. It was super fun! Now that
I know the area a bit more I can actually help in weekly planning.

Saturday we did a few look ups and ate and Elder Nalaza wasn't feeling
well so we pretty much stayed inside the whole day as Elder Nalaza
slept. I studied preach my gospel and I watched a lot of the district
video and I studied the Book of Mormon. It's a great opportunity to
have some extra time to study but it gets boring to sit there and not
go to work. I know how it feels to not do work and just desire to get
out and talk with everyone. It's definitely not a good feeling, you
feel so guilty but I can't do anything about it. We stayed in a lot of
the day and went to the church to get some food that the sisters left
for us. Elder Nalaza didn't feel good after so we went back home. At
least we were able to be out and talk to people.  Our mission doctor
talked with President Smith and Elder Nalaza may have to go home. We
will see. I hope he doesn't!

Sunday we had church! I got to bless the Sacrament and I forgot how
amazing it is to bless the bread and water. It was amazing to meet the
members in our ward and I love our bishop, he is newly called and so
humble and wants to help this ward as much as possible. Ever since he
was called as bishop the ward has progressed. We came home and ate and
then went to go to Baychester which is just a little north east from
where we live. I absolutely love public transportation! We saw a less
active member named Sister Rochester. We are going to go to her place
Sunday morning to get a ride with her and her son. We also got to give
the Sacrament to her and her son. We talked about the importance of
church and why they need to go. The spirit was so strong! We also
brought the Sacrament to this member who is in a care center. We bring
it to her every week. She is such a sweet member, her name is Sister

Monday we had a great district meeting. As a zone we are keeping count
of how many times we reached our daily goals. We got 42 times last
week, 4 companionships. It was so awesome and I led the district
meeting about how we can teach our investigators better with more
love, and help them understand the importance of chapter 10 of preach
my gospel. The spirit was so strong as we talked about our
investigators and some experiences we have had. We got Chinese food
afterwards and Elder Nalaza wasn't feeling too well so we went home
and we both slept for acouple hours. I've been feeling pretty sick
lately but I've been pushing through and working. Those 2 hours felt
amazing. I felt like I could take on the world. We met with Donna, and
Anthony again and this time she brought her dad. His name is Juan. As
we talked about the spirit world and where his wife is right now,
tears filled his eyes and he was over joyed. We taught them about the
Book of Mormon and prayer and invited them to be baptized. Donna and
Anthony are a little hesitant right now but Juan was like "yes, when
can I be baptized?" We didn't feel like we should extend a specific
date but we will tonight as we do a church tour with a member and
them. They are super solid and we can tell that Juan will get baptized
first and then when his daughter and grandson are ready then he can
get the Aaronic Priesthood and baptize his family. Elder Nalaza and I
jumped for joy and were so excited afterwards. It will be my first
baptism and the fruits of my own labor. I am seriously so excited and
I know that Heavenly Father has prepared them for us to teach. They
are probably the coolest people I've met. I'm grateful for them,
Anthony and I are super similar! After the mission I will play games
with him and keep in contact with him. And Donna and Juan.

Tuesday wasn't a good day at all. We went out from 10 to 11:45 and
then Elder Nalaza wasn't feeling well so we spent the entire day
inside. It's been really hard but I cleaned a lot and did some extra
studies, I want to try to read the entire Book of Mormon next time he
is feeling sick. It would be so awesome! President hasn't asked us to
meet yet so hopefully President will talk to us soon. I'm grateful to
be here on a mission. I love this work and it's the greatest work that
I could ever be doing. I know that I am changing and seeing miracles.
I love being a missionary and we are definitely seeing miracles in the

I found out today that Elder Nalaza and I will be singing at zone
conference with some sisters in the Harlem zone.. Yeah that's
happening. Anyways I'll try not to be embarrassed. Zone conference is
next Tuesday and it's from 8-3, it's gonna be long but so spiritual! I
love it!

I love you all and I hope you are doing well, I would love to hear
from you all. Have a great week!

Elder Casper

1: This was pinned up next to the church.
2: Bruce Lee.. What a boss.
3: A selfie with King Wok Chinese food, aka the best Chinese food in
our mission.
4: Selfie with a Filipino product that tastes so good.
5: We visited sister Johnson.