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Elder & Sister Smith
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Elder Domenick Casper

Elder Domenick Casper
Elder Casper With Elder & Sister Morgan (July 2012-July 2015)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Miracles in the Bronx

Kamusta po kayong lahat!? Isa nanamang magandang linggo at maraming
himalang naganap.


Hi how's everyone! What a wonderful week and many miraculous things happened!

We are teaching this family, Donna, Anthony and Juan and they are
progressing well, and we are finding a lot of other people. 8
missionaries in our ward. It's a good ward!

The weather is nice here, all the snow that was here is now melted,
it's been really warm lately. Our area is pretty huge, a little too
huge just for us, we need another set of Elders.

I am so grateful to have a Filipino companion, he started my email in
Tagalog and he has been teaching me how to speak it. This week has
been killer and I'll talk about it more!

Thursday I finally met our ward mission leader at our coordination
meeting. He is super funny and he has a rule for baptisms. Us
missionaries cannot perform the baptism or confirmation, it has to be
the members. It's all for fellow shipping and helping the new converts
be connected to the ward. I read a quote from preach my gospel
"Nothing happens in missionary work until you find someone to teach."
And I really love that quote. It's so true, we need to find people to
teach before we can baptize.

Friday we had weekly planning and Elder Nalaza hasn't been feeling
well. He may have to go home because of how bad his issue is. His
stomach doesn't like a lot of the food he eats, he will randomly throw
up and he has been pretty sick throughout the week. We rested until we
had to go help with scouts. It was fun helping the ward with scouts.
We do it every other week for like an hour. It was super fun! Now that
I know the area a bit more I can actually help in weekly planning.

Saturday we did a few look ups and ate and Elder Nalaza wasn't feeling
well so we pretty much stayed inside the whole day as Elder Nalaza
slept. I studied preach my gospel and I watched a lot of the district
video and I studied the Book of Mormon. It's a great opportunity to
have some extra time to study but it gets boring to sit there and not
go to work. I know how it feels to not do work and just desire to get
out and talk with everyone. It's definitely not a good feeling, you
feel so guilty but I can't do anything about it. We stayed in a lot of
the day and went to the church to get some food that the sisters left
for us. Elder Nalaza didn't feel good after so we went back home. At
least we were able to be out and talk to people.  Our mission doctor
talked with President Smith and Elder Nalaza may have to go home. We
will see. I hope he doesn't!

Sunday we had church! I got to bless the Sacrament and I forgot how
amazing it is to bless the bread and water. It was amazing to meet the
members in our ward and I love our bishop, he is newly called and so
humble and wants to help this ward as much as possible. Ever since he
was called as bishop the ward has progressed. We came home and ate and
then went to go to Baychester which is just a little north east from
where we live. I absolutely love public transportation! We saw a less
active member named Sister Rochester. We are going to go to her place
Sunday morning to get a ride with her and her son. We also got to give
the Sacrament to her and her son. We talked about the importance of
church and why they need to go. The spirit was so strong! We also
brought the Sacrament to this member who is in a care center. We bring
it to her every week. She is such a sweet member, her name is Sister

Monday we had a great district meeting. As a zone we are keeping count
of how many times we reached our daily goals. We got 42 times last
week, 4 companionships. It was so awesome and I led the district
meeting about how we can teach our investigators better with more
love, and help them understand the importance of chapter 10 of preach
my gospel. The spirit was so strong as we talked about our
investigators and some experiences we have had. We got Chinese food
afterwards and Elder Nalaza wasn't feeling too well so we went home
and we both slept for acouple hours. I've been feeling pretty sick
lately but I've been pushing through and working. Those 2 hours felt
amazing. I felt like I could take on the world. We met with Donna, and
Anthony again and this time she brought her dad. His name is Juan. As
we talked about the spirit world and where his wife is right now,
tears filled his eyes and he was over joyed. We taught them about the
Book of Mormon and prayer and invited them to be baptized. Donna and
Anthony are a little hesitant right now but Juan was like "yes, when
can I be baptized?" We didn't feel like we should extend a specific
date but we will tonight as we do a church tour with a member and
them. They are super solid and we can tell that Juan will get baptized
first and then when his daughter and grandson are ready then he can
get the Aaronic Priesthood and baptize his family. Elder Nalaza and I
jumped for joy and were so excited afterwards. It will be my first
baptism and the fruits of my own labor. I am seriously so excited and
I know that Heavenly Father has prepared them for us to teach. They
are probably the coolest people I've met. I'm grateful for them,
Anthony and I are super similar! After the mission I will play games
with him and keep in contact with him. And Donna and Juan.

Tuesday wasn't a good day at all. We went out from 10 to 11:45 and
then Elder Nalaza wasn't feeling well so we spent the entire day
inside. It's been really hard but I cleaned a lot and did some extra
studies, I want to try to read the entire Book of Mormon next time he
is feeling sick. It would be so awesome! President hasn't asked us to
meet yet so hopefully President will talk to us soon. I'm grateful to
be here on a mission. I love this work and it's the greatest work that
I could ever be doing. I know that I am changing and seeing miracles.
I love being a missionary and we are definitely seeing miracles in the

I found out today that Elder Nalaza and I will be singing at zone
conference with some sisters in the Harlem zone.. Yeah that's
happening. Anyways I'll try not to be embarrassed. Zone conference is
next Tuesday and it's from 8-3, it's gonna be long but so spiritual! I
love it!

I love you all and I hope you are doing well, I would love to hear
from you all. Have a great week!

Elder Casper

1: This was pinned up next to the church.
2: Bruce Lee.. What a boss.
3: A selfie with King Wok Chinese food, aka the best Chinese food in
our mission.
4: Selfie with a Filipino product that tastes so good.
5: We visited sister Johnson.

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