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Elder & Sister Smith
Elder Casper With Elder & Sister Smith (July 2015-July 2018)


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Elder Domenick Casper

Elder Domenick Casper
Elder Casper With Elder & Sister Morgan (July 2012-July 2015)

Friday, November 14, 2014

In the MTC

I AM IN THE MTC! I can't say it enough, it doesn't feel real to me. My companion is Elder Essler, my roommates are Elder Harvey, Elder McNatt, Elder Clark, and Elder Degraw. My P-day is on Fridays for one more week, that's why you should use Dear Elder, also the branch president encourages everyone to send mail through Dear Elder. I got your message dad I would love to hear from everyone. When I first got here, it was a hard experience, but I've grown to love my companion and my roommates. You work so hard here, I started out a little homesick, but It has kind of passed. During the interview with the branch president yesterday, I was thinking about home because of the questions I was answering and that just made me miss everyone more. Yesterday I found out that I will be the Sacrament Coordinator starting after Church this Sunday. I am also the senior companion until this Wednesday, so things are pretty cool here. When I first got here I didn't think that I would be a good missionary but after praying a bunch and studying hard I found out that I do feel the spirit more and more everyday, and i feel like I can do this! So I will go through my schedule with you a bit. When we wake up at 6:30, we quickly get ready for the day and go eat breakfast, after that we usually have personal study for about and hour then class for around 3 hours. We then go to to Lunch, which usually lasts about 50 minutes which is better than breakfast. Then more classes and meetings until dinner, then personal study and get ready for bed. Showering at night is way easier because then you don't have to rush in the morning to get ready, so you have more time to sleep. One thing that I was super nervous about was role play's, but now that I have done some of those it has become easier to feel that spirit while I am teaching, I say what I feel which really helps those investigators to learn. I can't testify enough about how true the Book of Mormon is in my life, it truly is important and it gives me a reason to go and teach about this wonderful Church we have. I challenge you to read the Book of Mormon and pray with a sincere heart about the truthfulness of it, when you do that you will feel the spirit so strongly. 

Love you,
Elder Casper

P.S. I forgot to grab the Emails so If you could forward this to mom also that would be amazing, and ask her to write me! I miss you guys a ton but I know I need to be here! Love you all! I also attached some Pictures, Use the ones you like! More pictures next week! :D Sorry for some of the blurry pictures, I will get better as time goes on!

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