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Elder & Sister Smith
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Elder Domenick Casper

Elder Domenick Casper
Elder Casper With Elder & Sister Morgan (July 2012-July 2015)

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Devotional and Deliveries For Day

Hello to all! Merry Christmas!

This past week has been crazy with all the mail that is coming into
the office and the Christmas devotional and setting up for that
meeting. There has been tons that has been going on. Thursday we had
to take up a lot of tables to Ossining and it was difficult because we
took the seats out of our big Van.

Friday we had the Christmas devotional for our entire mission so we
got up at 5 and went to Ossining to unload all the mail and to
transport a lot of people from a train station to the Ossining Chapel.
It was a pain to do and it took 4 loads of about 15 minute each way so
overall about 30 minutes. Give or take.. But yeah it was crazy. The
devotional was super good and the music was super good and the spirit
was there. It was a good meeting and definitely a good break from the
craziness of an office elder. After the meeting we had to transport
people again but this time we got to get some of the upstate
missionaries to take them. It was still 2 loads of as many
missionaries as we could fit in our van. We had to take down all the
tables that go back to Scarsdale and it was hectic but fun, we didn't
get much missionary work done because of the Christmas devotional and
having to do other stuff that took priority. I don't even know what
exactly happened but it was great.

Saturday we did the city deliveries which went very well.. It was
elder beardalls first delivery in the city and he did very well.
Traffic was super fast and we got to where we needed to go quickly. We
did some service for our landlady, we brought all her cans and bottles
to Costco to recycle them. Then we had dinner with this family called
the Sena family and Cena in Spanish is Dinner so that's pretty funny.
Then after we practice with the missionaries in our ward so we could
sound good while singing on Sunday. It was good and we sounded super

Sunday was awesome, we got our studies in for the first time in about
a week. We went to church and sang for the prelude music and no one
even listened, they got louder but eventually bishop told us to go sit
down and they started sacrament meeting. One of the members in our
ward got his mission call to the Philadelphia Pennsylvania mission, so
that was awesome. We had a dinner and we had a ham dinner... A pre
Christmas dinner! We had to help transport the singers from the
Scarsdale station to the Scarsdale chapel and we had to help with the
concert for all the members around here. It was so fun! We got home
pretty late, well like 9:45 but that's pretty late for us

Monday we had district meeting but we had to leave a little early so
we could do the upstate mail route. It was a long day but we finished
the night by going to presidents house to pick up a ton of boxes from
them that go to the city. It was a lot of fun! While we were doing our
upstate route we stopped to get Chick-Fil-A! The first time that I've
had it in along time. Since I was in Newtown.

Tuesday we spent the day in the city.. The Whole day. Literally
driving through bad traffic and it took so long. It was super crazy
and super boring just chilling in the back seat because we're in a
trio. We drove all over the city to so various tasks and to deliver
mail and all that crazy stuff. It's been crazy busy and tomorrow we
are starting our mail delivery at 6 am because we have to go to the
city and then do upstate as well, then make it back for a Christmas
Eve dinner. Yeah it's crazy.

I know that Christmas time is a time to remember our savior Jesus
Christ, it's not just a time to receive gifts but it's much more than
that. It's a time for us to remember Jesus Christ and everything he
has done for each and every one of us. His atonement is for all of us,
we can be forgiven of our sins and be made I clean. I know this is
Christ's church.

Merry Christmas!

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