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Elder & Sister Smith
Elder Casper With Elder & Sister Smith (July 2015-July 2018)


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Elder Domenick Casper

Elder Domenick Casper
Elder Casper With Elder & Sister Morgan (July 2012-July 2015)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

7 Month's Left!

Hello everyone, so first of all I want to talk about how hard of a
week it was. On Thursday I was super depressed because we weren't
seeing any miracles.. Everyday was tough and I honestly didn't want to
do anything but we continued doing work and we saw some cool things
happen. It was just a weird week but I'll go into it right now.

Wednesday night we got a referral for a bible, her name is Isabel
Vasquez. We called her right away and set up a time to go by, Thursday
at 3:30, so it was in our plans but we were excited because she seems

Thursday we had coordination like usual, it was a little longer
because Michael is planning a fireside for this ward, a service
activity that will help this ward be unified and be more effective and
want to do missionary work. We got home ate and then shot to planning,
we got like a third of the way through when we had to go see Isabel,
we went and buzzed for her apartment and we got let in. We went up and
there was this guy standing outside of her apartment, he was just
leaving. It turns out it is her husband Mike. She isn't there and he
tells us that she will be home around 8, so we tell him that we will
be there around 8. We went home and did more planning and then ate
dinner and went out to go see Isabel and Mike. When we got there at 8
we rang the buzzer twice, gave her a call and got let in by some
random people so we knocked on her door 3 times and no answer. I was
like whatever lets go do something else. We went and tracted with no
success. It was about 8:45 and we were walking by their apartment
building so we decided to try again. We buzzed a couple times, left a
message on her phone. Got let in by random people leaving, and we
knocked on her door. I was ready to give up but we heard something
behind the door and she came to the door. She apologized a lot, we
gave her the bible she wanted and we talked about the Book of Mormon.
She told us she had heard about the Book of Mormon before from her
husband and that "it contains the fullness of the gospel of Jesus
Christ?". She let us in and her husband came out and asked if we
wanted to go into the living room. He was getting ready to go back to
do his own thing but we invited him a couple times and she also
invited him. He stayed and we talked about the Book of Mormon. He told
us that he notices the lack of gods servants at all the churches they
go to. They are super awesome and want to learn more. The spirit was
strong and they wanted us to go back today for dinner, they are Puerto
Rican so rice and beans! And lots of it. Sadly they cancelled
yesterday because Mike has to work overtime. They live in a project
building but the inside of their apartment is super nice, it doesn't
even feel like a project. Mike works a lot for everything he has. He
works hard and the funny thing was on the way out Mike gave us a $10
bill, even though we resisted. He wanted us to go buy some food if we
were ever out. We called president that night and told him about that
miracle! It was awesome.

Friday we were in coop city doing a lot of work and not seeing any
success. It was hard work, I was tired and my shoulder was hurting and
we walked a ton. But we got to take one of the youth with us, his name
is Clifford Oti. We looked up this one less active and this lady on
the other side of the door asked if we wanted juice immediately after
the door was opened. It turns out that less active passed away Several
years ago... Yeah and she told the missionaries about a year ago and
they didn't tell anyone. She has a parrot, she brought it out and it
literally started to laugh at us, like super loudly and yeah Satan was
that bird.. Trying to make our job more difficult. Dumb parrot. We
helped with scouts, we were actually in charge of scouts with the
other elders. After that it makes me not want to have kids, haha.
Elder Clark started to not feel good so after we got some subway and
went home.

Saturday was not legit at all. Elder Clark was sick and slept all day.
I read all of 1 Nephi and man could I feel the spirit. I love the
spirit and I'm grateful for what I learned. There were a few
scriptures I really liked. I finished from Ether 13 to the end of the
book and then restarted. My testimony grew so much of the truthfulness
of the Book of Mormon. We also had a dinner with a member, she cooked
us chicken curry! I love curry! We shared a object lesson with her,
her recent convert son who is 10. We shared the importance of
scripture study, prayer and going to church, using cups and knives.
I'll have to show you it when I get home. Anyways one of her less
active grandsons was there and he watched us do that object lesson. We
think his heart is softening. His name is Trevor and we want him to
come out with us one day to see how missions are and to help him come
back to church. Elder Clark rested again and I continued my study.

Sunday we had church and boy was it great to take the sacrament after
general conference. Sacrament meeting was boss, it was fast and
testimony meeting so there were some throw down testimonies. The 2nd
counselor, brother Salinas bore his testimony of how he isn't perfect
and how he tries, then this lady goes up and says "I don't believe
that we aren't perfect, we try" she was totally dissing on brother
Salinas and everyone knew it. The Olmstead ward though! This guy came
into church holding a pass along card with Jesus on it and was showing
it to everyone as he walked in. It turns out that he was found on
Saturday and decided to come to church. The zone leaders will be
teaching him. Church was fantastic. We went to go see Francis (who is
the less active member from Inwood). We rushed out of the apartment to
catch the bus because they were 30 minutes apart. I forgot my tag so I
had to use my pocket tag on my shoulder strap. You would think after
17 months of being on a mission, I would remember to grab my tag for
my jacket. Haha. We did a bit of walking, we had to wait for the bus.
It was super annoying because all the buses that pass are filled to
the brim. We literally shoved ourselves into the bus and rode in the
very front, buses are cool. I love public transportation.

Monday we had district meeting, I led it all on accountability and how
we can be accountable to our monthly goals we have set. It was a super
good district meeting, revelation came on how we can work better with
our members to have more member present lessons. It was a tough week,
we have a lot of other lessons to catch up on. We will catch up
though. It's going to happen! We got some cross Bronx pizza, man I
cannot wait for you to one day try it. Yummy pizza. We ate with the
zone leaders. They are cool people. We went and did work and were
called CIA because we wear huge black jackets and dress slacks. This
high schooler didn't believe us when we said we weren't. Whatever. We
did a lot of finding in a project building and found some really cool
people. Project buildings are awesome because we can find a lot of
people and work more effectively. We taught 6 lessons on Monday which
is a big help to help us catch up.

Tuesday was awesome. We were finally able to do 12 week and catch up a
bit. We got mail and I got Justin's graduation card. Donna Canceled
the appointment she set, and as of now we don't know when we will meet
with her again. Isabel and Mike also canceled our dinner appointment
too but they will reschedule. We brought 11 book of Mormons with us to
a project building to go tract and our shoulders were killing us. We
talked to a lot of people and I spoke some Spanish to a couple people
and actually understood them! The gift of tongues is real. My
shoulders are wrecked, I can't wait for the day when my shoulders
won't kill. 7 more months! Project buildings are ridiculous, there is
pee in every stair well, I swear people must have pee competitions to
see who can pee the highest on the wall. True Doctrine. That night I
made the mistake of not wearing a jacket, of course it then got real
cold. We talked to this girl named crystal who seems interested and
liked the invitation in the Book of Mormon to read, ponder and to pray
about it. She said she would text us and we could set up a time to
meet with her and her family. The only problem is she is probably 16
at the oldest. We did a bunch of tracting and tracted a building full
of Muslims. We ended up leaving cards on every door and leaving. We
didn't see too much success sadly. It was a good night, I'm grateful
for what Heavenly Father has done for us this week. We have seen
miracles and it's been a good week.

I've been reading in Acts, and hopefully you know who Saul is, in the
scriptures it says:

"As for Saul, he made havoc of the church, entering into every house,
and haling men and women committed them to prison." (Acts 8:3)

Saul and 2 other men were with him journeying to Damascus and this is
what happens:

"3 Suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven:
4 And he fell to the earth, and heard a voice saying unto him, Saul,
Saul, why persecutest thou me?
5 And he said, Who art thou, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom
thou persecutest: it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.
6 And he trembling and astonished said, Lord, what wilt thou have me
to do? And the Lord said unto him, Arise, and go into the city, and it
shall be told thee what thou must do. (Acts 9: 3-6)

In this account we see that Jesus appears to Saul asking him why does
he persecute him, with this vision Saul was blind for 3 DAYS! Until
Ananias came and touched Saul and he received his sight. That vision
was incredible, Christ appeared to Saul and then he becomes Paul and
is incredible. For the rest of his life he devotes his time to serving
Christ until he dies. I love reading in the New Testament, the spirit
is super strong and I know that this is the true church of Jesus
Christ and that we need to devote our time to the church and help the
missionaries, go to lessons with the missionaries and help them teach.
I love when members offer to come with us and help. I love it! Have a
great week!

Elder Casper

1. We had a zone activity and ate hot dogs and the sisters made a
chocolate chip cookie brownie cake for me.
2. We used photobooth with Zahil and sister Boothe.
3. Murica!
4. Cross Bronx in comparison to our heads.
5. We were alone in the subway... I remember Justin's picture when he
was on his mission.
6. Apparently they don't like Jehovah's witnesses. They didn't seem to
pleased with us either but they were nice to us.

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