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Elder & Sister Smith
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Elder Domenick Casper

Elder Domenick Casper
Elder Casper With Elder & Sister Morgan (July 2012-July 2015)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Feeling Better

Hey family and all who want to read this email, I do get letters from
people and I am pretty good at responding to people. I like writing
letters and emails. The Loutensocks are awesome, we have dinner with
them every Wednesday, so there may be another picture coming your way.
We have our coorelation meeting afterwards every week so it is like
perfect and I guess sister Loutensock said that you found out a way
that we are related. And I was totally mind blown because of it, I
guess their oldest is friends with Brandi on Facebook, so I guess that
makes it facebook official for our families. As soon as I get Facebook
I will probably add them all because of how legit they are. I love
service it truly shows how much we care about the people we serve.

I'm feeling a lot better, Elder Richan in our apartment has been sick
for a few weeks, but I am definitely feeling good. I've been going to
the gym here to get yoked and huge. Just on a mission I need to be
careful so I don't hurt myself an get sent home. I'm going to keep
myself safe and keep praying to keep me safe as I work out. The
weather has been crazy here, I'll tell you a story about it in a
second. I will by driving soon and I am honestly super excited to
drive a newer car.

I really wished I was home more as a kid so you could see me more
often. That stinks that you don't get to see Brandi as often as you
wish you could.  I guess I am pretty loud some nights with snoring haha.
EFY CDs would be awesome. Like the
newer ones because they have a lot of good music. I think that's kind
of it.

So this week has been a little different. Last Wednesday we played
street hockey but I didn't play because I wasn't feeling too well, but
it got better through the day. We had fun at the Loutensocks. Thursday
was the day of the meal plan and a car fast. So we weekly planned and
then did some look ups while walking around in the cold and finally
got into this less active/part member house and got to get to know her
and her kids. They have some disability but he stutters and talks a
lot and fast. It was great and he is really an awesome kid. But we had
to get going after a bit and it was a cold hike back home so by the
time we got home we were frozen. On the bright side I lost 3 pounds
that day so I felt awesome.

Friday we had service at a less actives warehouse helping him move
boxes(he sells diaper bags) he is from China so he gets everything
made there and his business is Soho Designs. Helped for 5 hours, then
he took us to a Chinese all you can eat buffet. We have dinner
appointments every night. It is hard to stick to the meal plan. So I
actually gained weight throughout the week, back to where I started.
But it will go back down, I will make it. That was our entire day.

Saturday we got to bowl with a less active and set up an appointment
to read the Pearl of great Price with her. She wants to understand it
but I have never really read it so it will be fun. She took us to
Wendy's afterwards. She takes us bowling every month, and it is
awesome, it has been a long time since I bowled. We then just did look
ups for the rest of night and set up return appointments. We have been
sharing the mormon message New Years: Look not behind thee. And this
family we went to had Lots wife as a pillar of salt sculpture so that
was perfect.

Sunday was the day with the story about crazy weather. We woke up and
we we're getting ready and we receive a phone call from Bishop Keller
to let us know that church has been delayed until 10:30 so we cooked
some of our meal plan food. We texted people and we were getting a
billion texts from people and we were just chilling. Then we receive a
text from bishop telling us church is cancelled! That is the first
time that has ever happened and it happened because it was raining and
it was freezing as it rained. The ground was all ice. 100% ice and
water. You slid if you drove, and our church building has a hill to
get up to the building so there was no getting up that. That was one
of the weirdest Sundays I have ever had. The weather was bad. We had
to teach elders quorum but we got out of that! We went to a less
actives and his parking lot was completely ice. So we were going to
park and we turned the wheel all the way to the right and still was
going straight. We were sliding because there was no traction. None at
all. We had a discussion with him about his problems with our church
so we have to start all over from the beginning in basic principles.

We are going to the city today to visit Harlem because my companion is
going home soonish so he wanted to say hey to people and he gets to
see his cousin at the temple, he is serving in the south mission and
his cousin also knows Elder Brandon Waidmann. He is going home soon so
I might see him at the temple. That would be so cool, if I do I will
send you a picture. Slim chance though.

That is pretty much it, until next time. Hope you all have a great a
blessed week.

Elder Casper

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